Patterns and Pennants

One of my goals for making this card was to try layering different patterns of paper.  I love patterned paper, but I also find it a bit intimidating trying to match different designs and colors.  Most of these papers came out of a single Simply Scrappin’ kit (long retired), so that made it a little bit easier. 

I also had in the back of my mind that I wanted to use pennants, because I think they lend well to layering different patterns.  But I always have a problem with cutting the ends of pennants evenly.  When I scrap, I usually eyeball a lot of things – don’t bother getting out the ruler to line up my layers for instance, or to center items on a card or a page.  If things don’t quite line up, well, that just adds the personal touch that says “I made this”.  But ( I feel like I’ve written a lot of “buts” on this page), that doesn’t cut it for pennants.  Whenever I’ve tried to eyeball the angle or the length of the cut-out on the bottom of a pennant, one of the pointy ends always ends up looking longer, or sharper or deeper than the other.  And the end result is just plain wonky. 

So I came up with this method for cutting pennants.  I’m still eyeballing a little, but it ends up a lot more even.

Pennant Tutorial

  1. Cut a strip of patterned paper the width of your pennant.  You probably want your paper strip to be longer than you want your pennant to be, so you have a little room to play with.
  2. Measure the width – this strip is 1 1/4
  3. Using your paper-cutter, make a cut a little way up the middle of your paper strip.  One half of 1 1/4 is 5/8, so that is where I made my cut.  Don’t cut too far – just however deep you want the end of your pennant to be.
  4. Use scissors to trim from one corner to the top of the cut.
  5. Then do the other side.  That’s it, you are done.

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