Cats and Corners (rounded corners that is)

This card was inspired by a SplitCoastStampers CAS challenge from a few months back, but somehow I just never got around to posting the card.  I love how the geometric squares in this card are softened by the ribbons, and by rounding off the corners.

Images (c) Stampin’ Up!

I have always loved the look of large rounded corners, but thought I couldn’t make them because I couldn’t find a giant corner rounder.  Silly Me!  I just recently figured out how to make rounded corners of all different sizes using my circle punches and circle cutters to create cutting templates.  Here’s how I did it:

Tips and Tricks – Giant Rounded Corners (Including nested rounded corners)

  1. Punch or cut a circle from scrap cardstock. 
  2. If you want to nest two corners – i.e. a smaller corner tucked inside a larger one – punch two circles of different sizes. 
  3. Your border will be half the difference in the hight of the circles.  In the photo below, there is a quarter of an inch difference in the hight of my circles, so my border is an eight of an inch.
  4. On the back side of your cardstock, line up your circles with the edges of the corner you want to cut, and trace around them.
  5. Fussy cut along the line with a pair of sharp scissors.


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