Faux Chipboard

I made this card for Father’s Day, but the same design could easily be used for a birthday card for a man or a kid.

I love the dimensional look to this card – not only does the star look like it’s made of layered chipboard, a couple of the layers are also texture embossed.

Here’s how I did it:

Faux Chipboard – Textured

  1. To make faux chipboard, I used cardstock in a craft colour similar to the colour of chipboard.
  2. I used my Sizzix BigShot to die cut stars in a four different of sizes. 
  3. I ran four sheets of cardstock through the die cut machine at the same time; by adhering multiple layers of the same shape in a stack, you can create a cardstock shape the same thickness of chipboard. 
  4. In the end though, I didn’t end up using all four layers for any single star.  I found that if I had done that for an embellishment with four sizes of stars layered on top, the final embellishment would have been far too thick.

Each of the four sizes of stars were finished in a different way:

  • Top Star: I finished this star by running a single layer of cardstock through my Big Shot in a textured embossing folder.  I then inked the top of the cardstock, leaving the textured crevices in the natural colour.
  • Second Star:  I adhered two cardstock stars of the same size together, then inked the top piece of cardstock, and the edges.
  • Third Start:  Again, I adhered two cardstock stars of the same size together, then stamped a text image across the top.
  • Bottom Star:  I finished this star by running the top layer of cardstock through my Big Shot with a textured embossing plate. I then adhered this to two more stars of the same size, and used a sponge to ink the edges of the textured star.
  • Finally, I adhered all four stars together, to creat a single embellishment.

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3 Responses to Faux Chipboard

  1. This card and idea is fantastic. Did you know that you can buy Cardboard Sheets that fit Sizziz / Big Shot Machines? They are 6″x12″ and you can then cut any shape or frame you like then ink it up or glitter emboss. Stix2 Anything sell them. http://www.stix2.com.au

    • Thanks for the info. I haven’t tried the product you are talking about, but there are lots like it. I think Stampin’ Up! still sells chipboard as well. I like this technique since I’m too cheap, and not organized enough, to buy more product when have cardstock in my stash.

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