The Garden of the Fugitives

Not every scrapbook page I create documents something celebratory. Sometimes in our travels we witness something or someplace that is moving and deserving of remembrance, despite having some sad associations. The Garden of the Fugitives in Pompeii was one such place for me – I thought it was important to create a tribute to the people of Pompeii that would remind me of the human dimension that sometimes gets lost when we visit sites that are millennia old.
This page was inspired by this week’s design challenge at the Studio Calico blog; I thought that the idea of layering a faint stencil on top of a subtle patterned paper would create an appropriate backdrop for this layout.


Here’s how I did it:
Stenciled Background

  1. I used a large stencil, a sponge, and a coordinating ink pad.
  2. I placed the stencil slightly of centre, so that it would show when I placed my photos on the page.
  3. I sponged ink lightly onto the paper showing through the stencil.
  4. Different effects can be achieved by sponging more or less ink, or by using more than one colour of ink.



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